Call for Global Young Academy Teaching Volunteers

The Global Young Academy ( is pleased to announce the launch of a remote learning project to deliver science-based, short  courses to undergraduates and graduate students around the world. The project will initially provide tele-video lectures and short courses to students in Pakistan, but will be expanded to other countries. The International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS, University of Karachi, Pakistan) will coordinate contacts with remote learning sites in Pakistan.




                (1) Elevate the quality of science education in developing countries, and (2) assist young scientists in the transition to independent positions by providing CVbuilding, practical experience

Call for Volunteers



The Global Young Academy (GYA) seeks outstanding teachers with  proven track records including post-doctoral fellows, Ph.D.’s with teaching experience, and senior Ph.D. graduate students.



Volunteers propose topics for their courses, which should be cutting edge and central to the modern scientific curriculum (e.g., organometallic chemistry, bioinformatics, etc.).



The lectures can include either one-day or multi-day courses structured around a well-defined topic. Such courses could be delivered by one   lecturer or with colleagues.


Courses will be approved and coordinated by the ICCBS.



Teaching volunteers need to have access to a computer equipped with a webcam. Software to assist remote learning can be supplied.



Through participation in the program, teaching volunteers agree to a Creative Commons copyright of their lecture for distribution by the GYA, and also acknowledge that they have permission to participate in the program.



In addition to a small honorarium, volunteers will receive the designation “Global Young Academy Teaching Volunteer” for exceptional service. Intangible benefits include experience preparing and delivering a short course, meeting scientists from different countries, and enhanced competitiveness for academic job applications.

How to Apply

Please send a title and short description of your proposed course including topics covered, the planned lecture sequence, along with your CV to and


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