NAM S&T Industry Network

In order to encourage and provide opportunities to individual scientific agencies, academic and research institutions, centres of excellence and industries in the developing countries for their participation in the scientific activities of the Centre, a ‘NAM S&T – Industry Network’ has been set up by the Centre. Such organisations may be from any developing country, whether it is a member country of the Centre or not. The Network membership entitles the member organisation to participate in all the scientific activities, including meetings, workshops, training and fellowship programmes organised by the Centre.

The NAM S&T – Industry Network entitles a member organisation to participate in an appropriate activity, including meetings, workshops, training and fellowship programmes organised by the Centre and nominate two participants each year, who are provided free international airfare, if the event is held abroad; registration charges, training fees or processing fees, if any, are waived off; while local hospitality, including accommodation, meals and local transport is made available free of cost. The local hospitality to any additional nominee in any scientific event, and also to any nominee for other events organized by the Centre, is also taken care of by the NAM S&T Centre, but such participants are required to make their own arrangements for international travel. The Network members are also provided space in the quarterly Newsletter of the Centre at a nominal cost to advertise their achievements / products. They may also disseminate any information through the extensive network of the Centre in ~100 countries and with ~25 international organizations and access useful information on science and technology in the developing world on a regular basis. Through such interactions, a Network member may get the opportunity to offer consultancy or undertake joint projects on transfer of technology, technical assistance, manpower development and capacity building in specific areas on bilateral or multilateral basis with other member organizations or countries. The Network members also get preference in holding international scientific events in collaboration with the Centre.