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  • As per Statute of the Centre, for each session of the Governing Council a President, two Vice-Presidents and a Rapporteur are elected. These office bearers constitute the Bureau of the Governing Council. 

    The office of the President of the Governing Council has been held / is being held by:

    Dr. M. Y. Saada (Egypt): From March 1989 – November 1999

    Mr. M. Fazlur Rahman (Bangladesh): From November 1999 – September 2002

    Prof. Dr. Fawzi A.A. Elrefaie (Egypt): From September 2002 – November 2005

    Prof. Carunia Mulya Firdausy (Indonesia): From November 2005 - November 2009

    The current office bearers of the 12th Governing Council are:

    • President

    Prof. Dr. Mohamed Tarek Hussein (Egypt)

    • Vice-President    

    Dr. Thirumalachari Ramasami (India)

    • Vice-President

    Ms. Lindiwe FLNW Lusenga (South Africa)

    • Rapporteur

    Dr. Jorge Luis Fernandez Chamero (Cuba)

    The Bureau of the GC, if required, may meet in between the GC meetings. Thus in order to review the programmes and activities of the Centre, the Bureau held its interim meetings in New Delhi in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1999 and 2003, in Colombia in 1997, in Indonesia in 2000, in Mauritius in 2001, in Sri Lanka in 2004, in Cuba in 2006 and in Zambia in 2008.